ADSL had no expiration date, but now we know when it turns off forever

Cierre centrales cobre Espana.jpg
Cierre centrales cobre Espana.jpg

And it is over. There was a copper power plant left It still did not have a closing date.. But this has changed and, with the closing lists in our hands, we can now tell you when the signal will turn off permanently. This confirms that, in the near future, ADSL will no longer exist in Spain.

In previous news we have told you about the path that the copper plants are going through, an inevitable one in view of the importance of the country taking a definitive generational leap. But, as we had mentioned, there was a copper plant that resisted as if it were the village of Asterix’s Gauls. Now, however, comes the time to pay tribute to him. He has held up well, but it is time to say goodbye. In addition, we also know the day on which the last ADSL center will close.

Nobody expected it to last so long.

The original plan that Telefónica had was to carry out the closure of the San Marcial copper plant, in San Sebastián, in 2021. This is what they initially announced in 2016. At that time a process of preparation and closure that should have taken only five years. But the operator ran into a problem: They could not continue deploying fiber throughout the city and the area covered by that ADSL station was in the affected place.

Telephone decided to postpone closure plans in view of the fact that it could not simply withdraw the service and leave the citizens of one of the most classic areas of the old town of the city without connection. At that moment, the machinery was put into operation that would help receive the appropriate permits when carrying out the final installation of the fiber network. But it has not been easy and, until now, the necessary authorization has not been given to carry out the work.

The definitive end will be in 2026

The specific day on which the closure of the “most resistant” copper plant in the history of Spain will occur will be May 29 of next year 2024. It is expected let there be no more inconveniences, especially since the project is being carried out by three operators, who will then share all the new infrastructure created over which to pass the fiber connection. Those more than 4,000 homes that continued to use copper will finally be able to enjoy higher speed and the advantages provided by this network technology.

The news is very positive not only for Telefónica, which has therefore not hesitated to announce the closure process, but also for the country. A final goodbye will be said to a technology that has been left behind in the past and which, yes, still has a few years of survival left. Let us not forget that although the San Marcial plant in San Sebastián is the last one that has received a date for its closure, there are other plants that will close at a later date.

Graph of the list of copper plant closures

In reality, although the bulk of the ADSL plants will be dismissed next year in 2024, there will be others that, for various reasons, mainly the completion of the relevant works to install the fiber network, will not close until later dates. On May 27, 2025, several dozen plants will close and there will still be two that will last until 2026. These will be two plants located in Malaga, Larios CT TSM and Manilva, both of which are scheduled to close their doors permanently on March 10. That day, barring surprise or change over the next few years, will be the final goodbye for a technology that has had great importance in Spain.

With the technological change that occurs in this renewal phase, one of the most important aspects is that fiber networks no longer need as many exchanges as copper ones. Hence, Spain is preparing to say goodbye to more than 8,000 plants as collected in the data published by the CNMC.

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