This map reveals the 10 best cities in Spain according to experts

google maps ciudad.jpg
google maps ciudad.jpg

Choosing a city to live in Spain is very complicated nowadays. Not only due to the high prices of housing and rent, a determining and important factor, but also due to the wide variety of places in the country rich in culture, gastronomy and entertainment. To make your choice easier, we have put together the best cities to live in Spain according to National Geographic, so you can find out what the experts say about these places.

From the north to the south, Spain has a long list of Autonomous Communities, each of them with several cities that you have surely visited throughout your life. But visiting a city is not the same as living in it, a decision that should not be taken lightly. There are those who prefer to live in a more isolated area, such as a town or around the city. Although the truth is that living in the city gives you more possibilities, such as ease of public transportation, proximity to establishments, beaches, mountains…

In Spain things are even more complicated if possible, since there are many cities that arouse people’s interest due to multiple reasons, but we do not doubt that gastronomy and the beach are two of the main desires of the vast majority. National Geographic helps you guide your search with 10 best cities to live in Spain according to their experts; However, you should know that they are the best for a reason and that the price of the home or rent could be out of your budget.

10 dream cities to live in Spain

Those who have the option may end up finding their home outside the country, but there are many who prefer to live in Spain due to its diversity in terms of activities, gastronomy, good climate, multitude of landscapes and lifestyles. There are many reasons to stay whenever there is a possibility and these 10 cities according to National Geographic They are places where you will spend a perfect life:

  1. Bilbao
  2. The Gran Canarian palms
  3. Majorca
  4. Murcia
  5. Malaga
  6. Saragossa
  7. Seville
  8. Valencia
  9. Barcelona
  10. Madrid

Bilbao heads the classification, the result of cultural and historical offer of the city, as well as how peaceful it is to live there given the peace that is breathed. Malaga is an ideal destination for its gastronomy, variety and way of life, although it is currently somewhat touristy. Other cities like Seville and Valencia They are also ideal cities for their monuments and culture in the case of the first and the beaches and cultural offer in the second. Barcelona and Madrid are the last on the list given their overcrowding, but they are two of the most popular cities in Spain to live in due to the wide number of activities available.

Google maps city

We have made a map on Google Maps which includes the 10 best cities to live in Spain according to National Geographic. This will allow you to quickly know the distance between your city and the one where you want to live, an important factor when it comes to choose a place to avoid trouble with the move and thus be able to visit your relatives regularly. Take your time and evaluate different possibilities, since there are times when everything does not always go as you want and you are forced to live somewhere else due to better housing prices or other issues.

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