The National Police closes a pirate IPTV service with more than 18,000 clients in Spain

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The fight against pirated IPTV It does not stop and every week we have a large operation that aims to close one of these illegal services. On this occasion, the information comes to us from our own country, as a result of a mega-operation in which more than 18,000 customers have been left without service.

The result of the operation has been a complete success, since the one of the main pirate IPTV distribution bands in our country with records in four cities in our geography.

18,000 people are left without pirated IPTV

The last major operation of the National Police against the fraudulent distribution of audiovisual content in Spain has ended the closure of a pirate IPTV service which operated massively within our borders and provided service to more than 18,300 people. Specifically, these services were managed from operational centers in the provinces of Alicante and Seville.

🚩A criminal organization dedicated to fraudulently distributing #audiovisual content has been dismantled

🔹There are 8 detainees
🔹4 records in #Valladolid, #Alicante, #Málaga and #Seville
🔹More than 18,300 people have hired these services


November 2, 2023 • 12:31

In this operation, searches have been carried out in the cities from where the illegal service was operated, in addition to Valladolid and Málaga. As a result, eight people have been arrested accused of the crimes of belonging to a criminal organization and infringement of intellectual property.

According to the first data provided by the National Police unit in charge of this investigation, the organization, of which the name of the service has not been communicated of pirate IPTV that operated, “It had a high degree of technological specialization, which allowed them to remotely manage clients who contracted sports audiovisual content”.

Losses estimated at 366 million euros

The investigation against this pirate organization began, according to National Police sources, in February 2022. It was then when they were identified two operational centers in Alicante and Seville. From these centers, not only was the pirated IPTV signal fraudulently distributed, but everything necessary was installed so that customers could enjoy the content on TV Boxes, Smart TVs or smartphones.

The audiovisual contents offered are the usual ones in these cases. The subscription to the service included sporting events, the big attraction in these cases, but it also allowed access to movies and series at a price much lower than the market price. According to the calculations, the economic damage for the holders of the rights violated in these pirate broadcasts, through the well-known lost profits, which refers to the profits that the injured parties no longer receive as a consequence of the criminal activities investigated and that would be estimated in 366,250,000 euros.

In addition to the arrests that we previously referred to (3 of which occurred in Alicante and Valladolid, respectively; with one detainee in Malaga and another in Seville), there have also been numerous computer materials seized with which the provision of illegal services was carried out: computers, tablets, smartphones and storage devices, etc.

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