Movistar continues to turn off ADSL: it closes almost 400 centers

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On the verge of negotiating the ERE, Telefónica closes almost 400 copper plants. The Spanish operator continues with its objective of putting an end to this technology, which is why it has already definitively closed up to 388 copper plants this week. So once again, the end of ADSL in Spain is closer to being fulfilled.

The final goodbye to ADSL is still a little far away, but it is getting closer every day. The closure of a good number of copper plants still lies ahead. Although it must be taken into account that, in addition to the closure of these 388 centralthe truth is that according to data from the CNMC (National Markets and Competition Commission), the end of the service guarantee of another 1,106 Telefónica exchanges. This means that the operator will begin to interrupt its service and within a period of approximately six months the definitive closure will occur.

This closure also coincides with the ERE that the telephone company is already negotiating with which will affect about the 12% of your staff. Everything will depend on whether the figure of 2,500 layoffs is ultimately maintained. However, the unions make it clear that 16,000 employees are under the protection of the agreement.

2026, the last year of ADSL

With the closure of these almost 400 ADSL copper exchanges, the truth is that the blue operator marks the beginning of negotiations for the first Employment Regulation File (ERE) in more than a decade. And the last ERE of the telephone company was carried out in 2011, which resulted in the loss of employment for more than 6,000 people.

In this case, the truth is that this closure was already scheduled, as established in the planning of the copper network shutdown of Movistar, following at all times the different obligations of the operator to notify and, above all, guarantee access to the network to other companies. Therefore, the CNMC has already been notified.

The 388 plants that have been permanently closed this week are distributed among some 45 Spanish provinces, such as Álava, Palencia, Málaga, Zamora or Salamanca. If these plants are added, so far, Telefónica has already closed the doors of more than 2,800 copper plants of the 8,526 in Spain. It should be noted that this process began in 2014, and the date for the end of ADSL has been marked on the calendar for 2026.

During 2023, the operator has closed more than 700 copper plants. And they will not be the last, since another 20 plants will close by mid-late December. Following the roadmap, Telefónica will continue closing 4,903 centers in 2024, while in 2025 there will be 710 and, finally, In 2026 the last two plants will be closed of ADSL in the country.

These two plants are located in Malaga, Larios CT TSM and Manilva, so both are expected to close their doors definitively on March 10, 2026. So it will not be until then that Spain says goodbye of ADSL.

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