MásMóvil includes 5G in all contract rates without raising the price

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MásMóvil has decided to make the full leap to 5G by introducing access to this wireless coverage for all of the operator’s contract customers. In this way, those who have contracted a MásMóvil rate, and have a 5G smartphone, you will see how the 5G icon appears in the status bar of your phones. And without a price increase on contracts.

What at first seemed foreign ended up being almost everyday, even mid-range mobiles introduce compatibility with 5G in their proposals. We are witnessing a considerable reduction in price, little by little the operators are improving coverage and introducing 5G SA in their antennas. And all this effort is reaching mobile rates: MásMóvil already offers them to its customers.

Automatic access to MásMóvil’s 5G

MásMóvil combined rate with 5G

MásMóvil combined rate with 5G

The group has confirmed that the yellow operator already has 5G coverage in its rates and that customers begin to receive it on their smartphones. Without having to do anything more than turn it on and have the connection active in the settings: if the antenna to which they are connected offers 5G, the mobile will automatically connect under said connectivity.

The euphoria for 5G at 20 Gbps is deflating: Movistar, Orange, Vodafone and MásMóvil have made it clear

The operator has 5G services in 1,660 towns. Currently, MásMóvil covers 74% of the Spanish population in the provinces of Albacete, Álava, Alicante, Almería, Asturias, Ávila, Badajoz, the Balearic Islands, Barcelona, ​​Bizkaia, Burgos, Castellón, Cáceres, Cádiz, Cantabria, Ceuta, Córdoba, Cuenca, Ciudad Real, A Coruña, Gipuzkoa, Granada, Girona, Guadalajara, Huelva, Huesca, Jaén, León, Lleida, Lugo, Madrid, Málaga, Melilla, Murcia, Navarra, Ourense, Palencia, Las Palmas, Pontevedra, La Rioja, Salamanca, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Segovia, Seville, Soria, Tarragona, Toledo, Valencia, Valladolid, Zamora and Zaragoza.

With the expansion of the capacities in the tariffs, these do not increase their cost: MásMóvil does not penalize the use of 5G, neither with a price increase nor with limits on the download or volume of data. This improvement reaches the current customers of the operator and also all those who start a new contract.

The rates offered range from combined fiber and mobile to mobile-only (prepaid customers will continue to access Internet services under 4G). As an extra, MásMóvil offers the acquisition of 5G phones in combination with the rates; like the Xiaomi Redmi 10 5G or the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G.

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