IlloJuan answers the committed questions of La Resistencia: “the truth is that it has been little”

IlloJuan He is one of the most prominent figures on Twitch today. He streamer Malaga has grown tremendously within the live platform for a couple of years and comes to rival titans like Ibai or ElRubius in audience.

Numbers always arouse curiosity and this has made the mainstream media pay attention to IlloJuan. After answering why Masi will not be at Evening 3 of the riverthe streamer has continued to answer questions, but offline.

The resistanceentertainment program presented by the comedian david broncano has received the streamer so that answer some of the questions involved which are always made to the guests.

IlloJuan is not cut with the questions of The Resistance

IlloJuan went to La Resistencia and as expected, David Broncano had two key questions for him that many fans of the streamer Twitch they wanted to know. How much money do you have in the bank? How many sexual relations have you had in the last month?

Juan was not shy and was very sincere on the set of the program. Regarding money, he admitted that it is a matter that commands a lot of respect and that despite the fact that it is handled well in economic terms, it does not have as much as what people might expect.

IlloJuan declared that he currently has 200,000 euros in his checking account and that he had recently spent a good amount on what was supposed to be a new residence, although he did not give many more details about this.

As for sexual relations, there were no secrets for IlloJuan, who, unlike other guests, was also very sincere: “The truth is that it has been little.” The streamer pointed out that due to the trips between Madrid and Malaga he had arrived at 7 or 8 times.

Not long ago, IlloJuan also responded to Amouranth’s proposal to play Smash… and since then, many fans have been amused by the particular connection that both content creators have had.

Now what Amouranth comes to Spain to fight in the Year 3 Evening, the jokes about both have not stopped being launched in networks. Meanwhile, IlloJuan continues to grow and grow. This year, the streamer has already achieved a new milestone on Twitch, surpassing Ibai, Auronplay or El Rubius among others.

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