If Netflix bores you, you will like these alternatives


The essential platform for anime lovers. With an extensive library of anime series and movies from every genre imaginable. A paradise for Japanese animation fans. One of the most interesting points of this streaming platform is its concern for current events. The need to offer the episodes of your favorite series soon after they are broadcast in Japan.

Can try the platform for free for 14 days, and if you like its content, you can subscribe for a very affordable price to one of its three plans: Fan, for 4.99 euros per month, Mega Fan, for 6.49 euros per month and with which, in addition to watching your favorite animes on four devices at the same time, you can do it offline. Or the annual Mega Fan plan, with a 16% discount on the monthly plan.

In addition, Crunchyroll has a Online store where you can buy countless merchandising of your favorite series and movies, from figures of the most famous peopleeven desktop accessories or video games.


Filminaward-winning series and movies

If you are looking for the highest quality in movies and series, Filmin is the best alternative you can hire if you are tired of Netflix. The platform allows us unlimited access to a very interesting catalog. Filmin, far from what many may believe, is not just a movie streaming service. It also has some of the best series of recent times and continually awarded in recognized festivals although not as popular for everyone as Game of Thrones or The Rings of Power.

In addition, it stands out for being very well organized: in collections. Filmin has thematic collections for everything you want. More than 350 different collections that allow us to find what interests us. For example, some as “award-winning series” but others as: road movies, our love broke, gothic stories, kids in crime, impossible missions… We can choose what interests us and see a careful selection of that genre or that theme. specifically. Or we can search by directors, by countries, by actors…

Is a cheap option which, without a doubt, any audiovisual lover will enjoy: the monthly subscription has a price of 7.99 euros per month or the annual subscription with twelve months of permanence is 84 euros per year.


Hayuthe reality platform

If reality shows are your thing, Hayu is one of the platforms you should have on hand. Hayu was born in 2016 and offers thousands of episodes of reality shows highlights from around the world. If you are one of those who get hooked on reality television programs on Spanish television, this streaming platform has almost 10,000 episodes or programs to watch online from other countries. We can watch the classic Big Brother or Survivors in their international version, other classics like Top Chef and all the seasons of The Kardashians available to watch wherever you want. At the moment, Hayu is specialized in international content and it is not designed to offer national reality shows that you can see on platforms such as Mitele or Atresplayer.

Its content is displayed in the same way as categories on Netflix or Disney+ or any other platform: in rows, in a carousel format. We will find categories or themes, collections. From “home and design” to “cooking and food” or specific collections such as the Kardashian Collection or “Hayu essentials”. And one of the main advantages of Hayu is that it allows us consult the catalog before deciding to take the step. That makes it much easier to get an idea of ​​what we will be able to see or if we will really like what we will find when we sign up.


For free series and movies: Pluto TV

If you don’t want to pay anything, Pluto TV is a good alternative to Netflix. It will not offer you as much content as the previous ones but it does allow you to see streaming series and movies. In addition, it has a great advantage: not only is it free but no registration needed. Just access the website or the app and start watching what you want.

Pluto TV has two options: you can watch online content live through different thematic channels or you can watch on-demand content. But the difference with other platforms is that it has ads. It is free so you will have to see ads from time to time. In exchange, we can access everything without having to pay.

Among the channels we find we can see crime and mystery channels, themed music channels like MTV or Kpop, documentaries and docuseries or channels where you can watch the same series all the time with continuous broadcast of its episodes. This is the case, for example, of South Park or Ninja Turtles.

Furthermore, one of the advantages of this platform is that is renewed periodically so you won’t get bored. The channels change every month and from the “on demand” section we will also watch different series and movies periodically.

pluto tv

Other different and rare alternatives

Beyond the “normal” alternatives, there are other specific and rare ones that we can find and that are different from everything above. For example, Netflix to take a nap or Netflix for lovers of Holy Week in Seville. They are not going to replace the series and movies that you usually watch online but they are a curious option that you can maybe take into account if you are very geeky about some topic in general.

Napflix for naps

Free and available through its website, you can use Napflix. Napflix is ​​an ironic website that seeks to be the Netflix of naps. All that stuff you would watch after eating on TV gathered on the same platform so you can sleep peacefully. As in any type of similar service, there are several categories. We can choose to see sports, documentaries, music, religion, video games, education, relaxation… And within each of them we can find thematic content that will make us sleepy.

Within each category we will find the different contents. For example, the Final of the 2013 World Chess Championship. Hours of content with which we are going to fall exhausted on the couch without bothering ourselves too much. Unless you are peculiar and stay to see it until the end but everything tries to be slow, boring or monotonous.

Besides, no registration required and it’s free. All you have to do is open the website and navigate between the different contents to find the one you like the most and that suits you.


NefliBrothers for Easter lovers

If Holy Week is your thing, the best alternative is NefliCofrades. There is only one problem: The content is based in Seville and you will find little from other cities although we will find content from provinces like Malaga, for example. But if you are a brother or Sevillian you can take this option into account to see everything you want again. You can watch it on your mobile phone, tablet or computer or Smart TV but you will have to pay. NefliCofrades has a price of 5.90 euros per month or you can choose a quarterly subscription for 16.90 euros per month. You can choose to see it whenever you want or only in the previous months if you are already looking forward to Easter.


Within the platform you can access the different brotherhoods ordered by departure days of each of the steps. We will choose the one that interests us and we can watch videos from all the years and from all the brotherhoods. In addition, in the file of each video we will find the description with the duration, year, category or brotherhood.

Definitely, a very different option from all but many cannot help but have it installed on their mobile to see some of the best moments in the history of Holy Week in Seville.

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