I was using the kitchen paper wrong. Now I have discovered what that part of the support is for

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It is one of the fixtures in all kitchens. Or almost all. I mean the kitchen paperthe companion of fatigue when preparing any dish and removing the remains of the mess, although there are also many people who even use it as a napkin.

Kitchen paper is often associated with an accessory: a support to place vertically the roll of paper. At home we have been using it this way for many years and now I have realized that we are doing it wrong. This part of the support has a usefulness that I did not know until now.

Vertical but better horizontal

Kitchen paper roll

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It is striking how there are a large number of things that we can take better advantage of at home by applying some tricks, but perhaps few as striking as this one. It’s about making it easier to use the paper roll kitchen.

Used to remove remains from the dish we have just prepared, to use as a napkin or to dry, kitchen paper usually used vertically in the vertical support that we are used to seeing. But with this trick I have seen that kitchen paper can be used even more effectively.

@alvarodelinares Have you ever seen this? Did you know how to use the kitchen paper roll holder? Kitchen trick. Roll horizontally with the roll holder. ##good idea##Cookware##kitchen roll##kitchen##paper roll##bullshit##bullshit##alvarodelinares##Malaga ♬ original sound – Álvaro de Linares

As you can see in this video published on TikTok, it is about taking advantage of the side supports of the metal support to place the kitchen paper horizontally, as if it were toilet paper. In this way it is much easier to unroll the kitchen paper.

In this way you can tear off the necessary piece of kitchen paper using the perforated line leaving one hand free. There is no longer a need to use both hands, something ideal in the kitchen, especially when one of our hands is dirty or busy.

This trick is valid for vertical supports that have rigid ends and that until now I used so that the roll would not open on the part that was being used. Furthermore, you can use on open and closed furniture because the thin thickness of the support does not bother.

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