Ericsson promotes private 5G networks throughout Spain

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foxconn portada 650x340.jpg

Vodafone Business and Ericsson have announced a series of conferences where the common thread will be private 5G networks, which will be subjected to the scrutiny of a multitude of experts in the field. These days will travel throughout Spain and will be held in important cities, such as Vigo, Madrid, Seville, Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, Valencia, Castellón or Málaga.

This is an event aimed mainly at companies by the business division of Vodafone Spain. And these types of connections are ideal for the Spanish business community, which can greatly benefit from their action.

Conferences to promote private 5G networks

It will be next June 6 when the first of these events will be held, in the city of Vigo, and then pass through Madrid on June 12 and 20, as well as Seville on June 18, Valencia on June 25, Castellón on June 26 and Malaga on July 2, so the cycle of events around this technology will reach all corners of the Spanish geography. In them, above all, they will talk about the benefits that the adoption of this technology can bring to Spanish companies.

More speed and connectivity for Spanish companies

The most important thing is that its coverage is private, so the data handled in it does not leave the company’s facilities, therefore it remains secure, in addition to moving at full speed through the facilities. This translates into almost zero latency or delay, since the data does not have to go to external servers, and moves exclusively in the company’s internal circuit. Being a private network with limited scope, it allows a greater number of connected devices, which in these cases can be up to thousands of them.

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In this way, companies can create their own 5G networks that will enhance the possibilities of business development in the long term, executing more tasks in less time and with greater speed and security, among other things thanks to service level agreements aimed at improving the security of these business processes. In this way, both Vodafone Business and Ericsson collaborate to offer these services to Spanish companies and help improve their productivity and achieve their objectives through these ultra-fast networks.

Vodafone has highlighted that the revolution that this type of networks represents for the business fabric, as stated Jesús Suso, director of Vodafone Business «5G private networks represent a revolution for industry and many other sectors of activity, enabling unprecedented connectivity that will drive innovation and efficiency in many companies in our country.«.

For your part David Polo, Director of Business Business at Ericsson Iberiahas also highlighted that «The deployment of private 5G networks in the business world will enable unprecedented use cases and applications. From advanced and automated manufacturing, the use of robots and drones to digital twins or augmented reality«.

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