Bolt, Uber or Cabify? What is the best application to request a VTC?

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Ordering a car from these apps does not cost money and cancellation can be free in some cases, but you may also be charged if you cancel at short notice.

How are they used?

The three applications are practically identical and allow us to request a car to pick us up immediately or to pick us up later if, for example, tomorrow you have to leave for the airport at six in the morning. They all work through an app or give us the option to request it by entering our account from a web page in the browser, but there are no alternatives such as a telephone through which you can call to reserve, but rather you open the application that you will have previously installed on your mobile, edit the location you are in and fill in the destination you want to reach. You will see different options for vehicles or services and You choose the one that best fits what you need depending on the size of the car you wantits quality level, etc.

Apps allow us pay from mobile phone and generally we will previously have a registered payment method that is the one we are going to use. In addition, they all regularly offer discounts or promotions

What cities is it in?

A comparison may not be of any use to you in certain cities where these services are not available and you may be in a place where there is only one of them. Bolt is available to order a car at Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Malaga, Oviedo, Seville and Zaragoza. In some cities Cabify operates more than we can catch it in Alicante, A Coruña, Barcelona, ​​Benidorm, Madrid, Málaga, Marbella, Murcia, Santander, Seville, Valencia and Zaragoza.

And if you are looking for the most widespread, Uber beats the previous ones and is practically throughout the Spanish territory and not only in large cities or large capitals but also in smaller municipalities or towns throughout Spain such as Cullera, Calafell or Ronda.


How much does it cost?

Know how much any of them will cost you these three services is practically impossible since their prices vary depending on many different factors. There is no specific rate nor is there an exact price per minute or kilometer. The price of Uber, the price of Cabify or the price of Bolt depends on the time and date at which you are going to request the VTC and the distance of the journey, but it also influences if there is high demand. If you leave a concert at rush hour where there are many people, it will cost you much more than on a Wednesday night from home. Even if you take the same route and it is the same day of the week at the same time.

Additionally, within each app there are several options and we can choose between more economical vehicles and others that are not so economical, vehicles that arrive earlier, etc. But we will see the price in the application before ordering the car at that time.

What licenses do I need for Cabify?

Advantages and disadvantages

There are many drawbacks compared to the traditional taxi and the first is that the price will go up if there is high demand and it can cost you much more to get around the city using these services, plus some of them will charge you to cancel the service if you don’t. you do it well in advance. Furthermore, many usersaccording to the OCU, complain about the drivers’ choice of itinerary or

What are the advantages? Are practical and easy-to-use options Thanks to the fact that we can order it from anywhere and there are many vehicles so we will usually always find someone to take us. It is also convenient to know that the applications are multiplatform and some apps like Cabify allow us to share the trip in real time so our family or friends will know where we are. In addition, the opinion of users who assure that they are well-kept vehicles and that they are a good option for long journeys also stands out.

Which is better? Uber, Bolt or Cabify?

The three options are practically identical and they all have advantages and disadvantages. It will depend on where you are Whether you use one or the other and if you usually travel, Uber will give you the possibility of finding a car in many more cities than its main competitors. Uber is the best known and offers several types of vehicles (small, for up to five people or high-end vehicles) Bolt is less known than Cabify and Uber but it has become a strong bet with many options and promises to have the best prices but its main drawback is that it is not yet available in too many cities.

Our recommendation is that if you want to use these applications in cities where the three services are available, make a comparison between them when ordering a VTC and use other alternatives to check the taxi price, such as Freenow with many rates from which you will be able to choose and with the option to also pay from the app. All the applications are practically the same in terms of interface and operation so it will not cost you anything to use one or the other and we can see which is cheaper or which is faster for the same journey.

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