All film and series premieres in December 2022

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In addition, there will be a couple of special Christmas episodes of some of the series broadcast by Movistar Plus+. On the one hand, in The cleanerGood old Wicky will have to clean up a crime on such an important date. Greg Davies, the creator and star of the series, has promised that the Christmas episode will be “bloody” special.

Also in the ghosts season 4 there will be room for Christmas Preparing Christmas presents, Pat finds some old videos from his past that make him question his identity. Meanwhile, the ghosts try to put on their own stage production of Cinderella as a gift for Alison, but a traffic jam complicates the celebration for her and Mike.

All premiere cinema on Movistar Plus+

We begin the premieres of this month of December this same Friday, December 2, with Downton Abbey: A New Age. This second film serves to unite the original cast of the series, to which faces such as Hugh Dancy, Laura Haddock, Nathalie Baye and Dominic West are added.

To take advantage of what you have from December Bridge, next Thursday the 8th the extended version of Spider-Man: No Way Home (You already have the original film version on Movistar Plus+). This new version includes an extra 13 minutes of the adventures of Tom Holland’s Peter Parker in one of the highest grossing UCM films.

One day later you will have The unbearable weight of a huge talentthe story of Nicolas Cage interpreting himself as Nicky Cage, a caricature with which the interpreter manages to navigate through a multitude of records without losing an iota of his essence.

Sunday the 11th arrives at Movistar Plus+ Red Rocketindependent comedy about Mike Saber, a disgraced porn actor who returns to his hometown, where now nobody wants to see him and where he realizes that inequalities and false expectations collide head-on with the image that is sold of the « American dream”.

The following week, on Wednesday the 14th, it premieres. wonderful minds, winner of the Audience Award at the Malaga Festival in 2022. It is a dramatic comedy that tells the story of Louis, a bachelor focused exclusively on his work as a funeral director who one day accidentally runs over Igor, a delivery man with organic vegetables with cerebral palsy. To try to amend the mistake, he will accompany the injured person on one of his work trips.

On Friday, December 16, we will be put to the test with The test, the film inspired by the literary work of Jordi Vallejo, who has also written the script for the film. Under the question “what do you choose, 100,000 euros now or a million in 10 years?” hides a story full of twists, tangles and half-truths that talks about greed, winners and losers, the decisions that mark our lives and, ultimately, human nature.

The Balla of Changjin Lake Arrives on Saturday, December 17. This war tape recounts one of the most violent confrontations of the Korean War. With temperatures below zero, Mao’s army and the United States lived through a brutal battle for 17 days that allowed China, after its victory, to gain the status of military power against the American army. A day later we will have the second part, in which the plot is resumed where its predecessor left off.

Tuesday the 20th arrives inu-oha mix of anime and psychedelia whose peculiar visual style shows a story about a young man with deformities affected by an ancient curse and suffers the rejection of a traditional society until he meets Tomona, a blind musician haunted by his past.

A day later it opens The Turtle Maneuvera thriller loaded with social criticism based on the detective novel of the same name by Benito Olmo that addresses the issue of gender violence around the appearance of the corpse of a young woman in Cádiz.

Just before Christmas Eve, on Friday the 23rd we will have The mafia tailora film about a prestigious English tailor, who due to life circumstances has ended up working in a small tailor shop in a troubled area of ​​the city of Chicago and will be involved in the shady affairs of a family of gangsters for whom he makes clothes. suits.

We close the year with one of action since Friday the 30th arrives The mediator. We already learned in Taken and its sequels that messing with Liam Neeson and his family is not a good idea, but here it happens again. A conspiracy at the highest level, a dark and secret FBI program, rogue agents, spectacular car chases, shootouts… everything you can ask for in an action thriller starring Neeson.

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